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Pest Control Services

Guardian Pest Control has provided pest control services to families and businesses in Utah for over a decade.  Guardian’s extensive training and advanced technology focuses on attacking pests already in your home and preventive measures to help control unwanted pests in the future. Make Guardian Pest Control your go to exterminator in Utah. It doesn’t matter if you have rodent problems, termites invading your home or simply need spiders, bugs, or ants eliminated. Our professional pest control specialists are experienced in ridding homes of unwanted pests and will ensure that you never get your own hands dirty.

Home Pest Control Services

Our pest control experts will lend their expertise to ensure that every pest is eliminated. We can customize a treatment plan for you. You can also request a One Time Service if you want us to control a specific pest issue. The residents of Utah have been choosing us as their pest control provider for over a decade. We can help you too. It doesn’t matter if you want year round protection, a seasonal service plan or customized pest program. Contact Guardian Pest Control today and say goodbye to those unwanted bugs.

For The Very Best Pest Control Service, Please Contact Guardian Pest Control Today At 801-225-6000 And Say Goodbye Bugs!