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Farmington Pest Control

Farmington is a great place to live. We think so and unfortunately, so do all of the pests. Spiders, ants, rodents, fleas, ticks, and other pests are constantly trying to enter your home. Our goal here at Guardian Pest Control is to make sure your home and family are safe and protected- all year long.

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General Pest Control

With combined decades of experience, Guardian Pest Control can make sure your home is pest-free, and remains that way. We’re committed not only to making sure your pests are gone, but to always treat you better than any other company you’ve ever worked with.

Commercial Pest Control

It’s so important to keep your image up when thinking about your business. For example, If you have rats crawling through your windows and doors people will not want to come get a haircut. It’s that simple. You need to keep these pests out of your business. It seems like an absurd thing but pests affect every part of  your business. When they walk in they smell, see, watch, and feel the environment. If you have flies, mice, ants, and wasps your customers can feel the impact that it has on your business.

What Clients are Saying…

“I love Guardian pest control service. They are always on time and very efficient. Paul always answers my questions and is cheerful and friendly. I have been through several pest control companies and have finally found one I can trust.”

Straight-Forward Pricing

Eliminate Spiders, Ants, Wasps, Bugs and More, And Enjoy A Pest Free Home… Guaranteed!

Home Defense Pest

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Service includes treatment for Ants, Spiders, Wasps, and over 25 other common household pest.

Pest-Free Home. All year. Guaranteed.

*Initial Fee Applies, Limitations Apply

Home Defense PLUS


Starting at


Service includes treatment for Ants, Spiders, Wasps, and over 25 other common household pests. Plus Pantry Pests (roaches, Indian meal moth, pantry beetles etc.) and Rodent Control (mice, rats, gophers, voles).

Pest-Free Home. All year. Guaranteed.

*Initial Fee Applies, Limitations Apply

Home Defense Premium

Starting at


Service includes all pests covered in Home Defense Plus, including Pantry Pests and Rodent Control. Plus Mosquito & Tick Control.

Pest-Free Home. All year. Guaranteed.

*Initial Fee Applies, Limitations Apply

Not ready for year round protection? Read about our One-Time Service.

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Ant Control

Ants are one of the most common insects that we deal with. They are everywhere and there are many different varieties of them. Some of them even fly. Ants have different jobs. You have the scouts, workers, and the queen. Once the scouts have found food or a good spot to build a home they leave a trail for the rest. You’ll have a whole colony in your home before you know it.

Spider Control

Arachnophobia is the number one fear in the United States. We can’t take care of your fear, but we can take the spiders away. Spiders are a problem because they present a danger to your family and make a huge mess when they spin their webs. Give us a call and we can take care of your spider problem.

Rodent Control

Rodents are one of the worst pests that people in Farmington deal with. They are around throughout the year but we see an uptick in calls when the temperature goes down. They are looking for a place to shelter, nest, and breed. Many times that place is in your home.


Termite Control

Termites are the silent killers. A lot of the time we don’t think about termites in Farmington. We don’t check our crawl space or attic for them. In all reality we should. They start eating the wood in your home and don’t stop until it’s all gone. They just keep growing. A lot of time you don’t know it until it’s too late. We would love to come inspect and treat your attic and crawl space. 

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs thrive on furniture and small spaces like between your mattress and frame. Guardian pest control knows where they like to hide and we know what to spray on the adults as well as their larvae. It’s super important to call us before you end up with bed bug bites. We take this very seriously because these creatures are in the heart of your home. Schedule your inspection today!

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