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Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Pre-construction termite treatments are also referred to as “Pre-Treats”.  Many new structures in the United States are treated against destructive termites during the initial phase of construction.  Some financial institutions and certain types of loans will require a pre-treatment before funding the loan.  Even if a pre-treatment is not required, a pre-construction treatment is still highly advisable when building a new home or other structure.

One of the difficulties of pre-construction treatments is that the timing must be coordinated with the builder.  Guardian Pest Control works closely with contractors throughout Utah to effectively perform pre-construction termite treatments.

Depending on the type of construction, budget and the builder’s time constraints and deadlines, there are several types of pre-construction pre-treatments available; Liquid pre-treatments and BORA-CARE pre-treatments.

Important Tip:  If you are building a home, have the builder agree to remove wood debris (and paper garbage) from around the home before they grade for landscaping and drainage.  Many homes have wood debris buried around the house… putting the new homeowner at greater risk.  New homes are just as susceptible to termites as existing homes.

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