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Rodents Can Cause Serious Damage To Buildings And To Your Landscaping

Some of the most common rodents in Utah can also be extremely challenging and difficult to control. On a daily basis, we help homeowners and commercial property owners control mice, rats, gophers, and voles. These common Utah rodents can be a real menace and extremely difficult to manage. Rodents are known for having over-sized front teeth for chewing, which is why they can cause so much property damage. Rodents such as mice and rats are carriers and can spread various diseases. Rodents are not only a health risk, they often cause serious damage in and around your home or property. In some extreme cases, mice and rats have been known to chew through electrical wiring, causing electrical fires. Gophers and voles on the other hand, are known for causing serious damage to your landscaping (including trees and plants).

It’s Crucial To Address Rodent Issues As Soon As You Become Ware Of The Problem

Rodents are also prolific breeders and can survive the harshest environments, including Utah’s harsh winter environment. Because rodents can spread diseases, cause structural damage, contaminate food, and even damage your landscaping, it is extremely important to deal with a rodent issue immediately when it arises.

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