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The Best Method For The Control of Subterranean Termites Is Prevention. Listed Below Are Some Options That Should Be Used In Termite Control.

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Termites need wood and moisture to survive and thrive. Taking steps to minimize wood and moisture near the foundation of your property will go a long way to protecting your property from the risk of termite infestation and the need for costly termite control solutions.

  • Stack firewood away from your home – preferable opposite end of your yard
  • Make sure that leaves and garden waste aren’t stored next to the property
  • Ensure regular maintenance of faucets and pipes (fix leaky faucets and pipes immediately)
  • Make sure water from rain, pipes, and garden hoses drains away from the foundation of your house.

Wood that directly touches soil gives termites easy access. There should be no contact between the building woodwork and the soil or fill material.Exterior woodwork should be located a minimum of 6 inches above ground. Regular inspection of the following may help to spot early signs of termites.

  • Fence posts, trellises or landscaping ties
  • Firewood stacked up against the house
  • Mulch that touches the house
  • Structural supports
  • Wood debris (left over construction materials) buried in the soil

A small leak can create ideal moisture conditions for termites. Whenever possible, fix the following issues immediately. This will help reduce the risk of termite activity around your property:

  • Leaky faucets
  • Leaky gutters and downspouts that leave water near the foundation
  • Ground that slops towards the foundation. Proper grading of soil to direct water away from the structure is essential.
  • Insufficient ventilation in basements and crawl spaces

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