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Guardian Pest Control uses Termidor® – America’s first 100% termite solution. Termidor® is a non-repellent termite barrier control that has faced rigorous and thorough testing by US and foreign researches. Without exception, Termidor® consistently returns 100% effective results whenever and wherever it was used.

Once a termite has ingested or contacted Termidor®, it becomes a “carrier”.  Every termite it contacts will be infected and will in turn infect every termite it contacts.  Termidor® works slowly, letting termites contact many others before dying themselves.

Although the “Transfer Effect” on individual termites is intentionally slow, the overall colony management is fast.

A Liquid Barrier treatment is performed by first digging a trench, roughly 4″ wide by 2″ deep around the foundation of the structure being treated.  In some instances, the soil adjacent to the foundation is rodded into the ground every 18 inches.  The termiticide is then applied to the trench as well as the fill dirt.  Small holes may necessarily be drilled in cement in basement areas, garages, patios, porches and even in block voids to apply the termiticide “barrier”.  Your Guardian Termite Specialist will provide a diagram outlining your home or commercial property and explain the treatment procedures, and techniques used.

Termidors® liquid non-repellent barrier system will kill existing termites with its “transfer effect”. However, Guardian’s Monitoring and termite baiting system can reduce the risk of new infestations and kill external colonies.


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