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Vole Control | Utah

Voles can inflict considerable damage seemingly overnight. These little critters can devastate your yard – feeding on greens above ground, and digging tunnels and chewing up roots below ground.

Voles are small, stout rodents with a blunt-nose and a short tail and are just slightly larger than a field mouse. They are brown to gray in color, 4 to 6 inches long, with large front teeth used for chewing through bark and roots. Voles are one of Utah’s most prolific rodents, with the ability to multiply from two to over 100 in a single year. Utah voles forage on grasses, flowers, vegetables, fruits, bulbs and roots.

Voles do not hibernate during the winter, but instead dig tunnels beneath the snow, feeding on grass blades, the roots of grass blades, shrubs and tree bark.

Voles are rarely seen (unless there is a heavy infestation) because they spend most of the time below ground in tunnels and runways. They construct numerous surface or subsurface burrows and tunnels (1″ to 2″ in diameter). Abandoned vole burrow tunnels can also siphon irrigation water away from your yard… further damaging your landscaping.

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