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Wasps are known for building nests in common areas where people often gather, such as decks and under porch ceilings, beneath eaves and awnings, barbecue grills, hot tubs, pools, patio areas, and playground equipment. Most Utah wasp species build nests from chewed up wood or mud. Wasps are stinging insects and are known for ferociously defending their nests (especially Yellow Jackets). Many cities and towns in Utah are known for having large wasp populations. Guardian Pest Control has years of experience locating wasps and safely controlling them. Treatment and removal of wasp nests are best left to professionals.

Wasp stings are painful, and unlike bees, a single wasp can sting multiple times. When a wasp nest is disturbed or threatened, they will not hesitate to attack. If quite a few wasps attack, they can cause serious harm to humans and animals. Wasps carry venom in their sting, and it can be life threatening if the individual being stung has an allergic reaction to the venom.


Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps

One of the more common wasps in residential homes in Utah. Paper wasps are known for their distinctive long dangling legs. They make their paper nests beneath eaves, under porches and beneath decks, and on top of door and window frames, as well as in attics.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

Known for their distinctive yellow and black colors. Yellow Jackets are known for being very aggressive towards humans when disturbed. Yellow Jackets will build aerial nests, as well as ground nests. Yellow Jackets will also sting repeatedly when threatened.



Often build nests in trees and shrubs, utility poles, sheds etc. A Hornets sting can be very painful. However, they are not known to be as aggressive as the other wasp species.


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