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Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Guardian’s Ongoing Pest Audit and Control System eradicates existing pest infestations and maintain a pest-free home environment through regular service inspections and treatments. Our 365 day year round protection ensures you remain pest-free!

Guardian’s Four Season Home Pest Protection Stops Unwanted Pests Dead In Their Tracks Before They Invade Your Home.

That Is Why We Can Offer You This Guarantee: If an Unwanted Pest Returns Between Service Intervals, So Will We At No Additional Charge To You. We’re committed to keeping pest out of your home and in their place.

Professional pest products vary in price. Prices range from $20 a quart to $150 a quart. You can rest assured that Guardian uses the very best products that are not only extremely effective but are also people, pet and environmentally friendly. Guardian is committed to using the very best products and provide the most effective service… we know that you want the best value… not necessarily the lowest price. That’s why we invest in the best products, the best technology and the best technicians.

Guardian’s Four Season initial pest clean-out is the most thorough and complete service you will ever experience. After our initial assessment, we treat the inside of your home using a low pressure applicator. We treat the inside door threshold areas, strategically along baseboards, cracks, crevices, and window areas in every room throughout your home, including unfinished basements.

Once we have completed your inside treatment, we begin the exterior treatment by inspecting and looking for signs of activity, such as spider webs, wasp nests, ant trails etc. We not only treat but also sweep clean any accessible spider webs and wasps nests. We then inspect, treat and even seal openings around utility lines such as water, gas, cable, and air conditioning lines. Second, because most homeowners have shrubs, bushes, flowers, mulch and sometimes bark around the perimeter of their homes, and because granular pest products penetrate these areas better than liquid, we apply a pest granular in these areas to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment. After the granular application, we treat your home using a backpack sprayer. The backpack sprayer allows us to get up close and personal with your home. It allows us to get much closer to see and treat areas that are often overlooked or missed when using the power sprayer only treatment method. After treating the exterior threshold areas such as doors, windows, cracks, crevices and other harborage areas with a backpack sprayer, we then use a power sprayer to treat the eves, soffits, foundation walls, and the ground to create a solid pest barrier around your home.

Once Guardian has eradicated any existing pest infestations – Guardian keeps your home pest-free by doing regular exterior treatments and maintaining a protective barrier around the outside of your home. By maintaining this Strong Effective Pest Barrier, we rarely need to treat the inside, unless a pest is spotted. However, if You Ever Need An Inside Treatment, Just Call And We Will Return And Treat The Inside At No Additional Cost To You.


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