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Ants are social insects that create, build and expand their colonies. Sometimes they make your home their home. Most Utah ants are ground nesters; however, some ant species found in Utah (such as carpenter ants) will nest in the wall voids of your home. Carpenter ants are wood destroying insects and if found in or near your home, should be exterminated. Ant colonies can become relatively large, in some cases, as many as 300,000 individual ants in one colony.

Why Do Ants Enter Homes?

Ants are social insects and when one ant foraging food and other resources for the colony, they leave a pheromone trail so others can follow. Climate changes in Utah will also drive ants to seek food, water and shelter inside residential homes and buildings. This constant battle between homeowners and ants can be extremely frustrating for Utah homeowners (especially since trying the do-it-yourself methods) will often make the ant problem worse. To complicate matters, most ants remain in their under-ground nests and do not forage. Therefore, they remain protected, and are never directly in contact or exposed to general pest treatments. The only ants that actually come in contact or are exposed to pest treatments are the foraging ants (foraging ants represent a very small fraction of the ant colony population). The role of foraging ants is to gather food and other resources for the benefit and survival of the entire colony.

Can An Ant Infestation In Your Home Ever Really Be Solved?

Most Over-the-Counter sprays and repellent pest control formulations for ants will cause a phenomenon called “Budding” in which the foraging ants separate from the colony and start new colonies in other areas of your home. More often than not, over the counter “Do-it-yourself” ant control products can make your ant problem worse by spreading them.

How To Get Rid of Ants And Keep Them From Coming Back

The Key To Eliminating Ants In Your Home Is To Target Them Where They Live.  Instead of using repellents or contact kill ant control formulations, Guardian Pest Control targets ants where they live, using specially formulated non-repellent agents.  Ants will never know it’s there, so they can’t react or avoid it. When the foraging ants come in contact with these agents, they track it back to the colony and transfer the agent throughout the entire colony. The specially formulated ant control agents are designed to be slow acting, allowing it to spread and wipe out the entire ant colony. You will notice a dramatic difference within a few days and complete control within 7 to 10 days. This method is by far the best and most effective way of controlling and exterminating ants.

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