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Service includes all pests covered in Home Defense Plus, Plus Mosquito & Tick Control.

Pest-Free Home. All Year. Guaranteed

Guardian’s Home Defense Premier is an affordable pest plan for eliminating common household pest infestations and preventing new pest infestations from occurring. In addition, the Guardian’s Home Defense Premier service plan provides protection and coverage for pantry pests such as Cockroaches, Pantry Beetles, and Indian Meal Moths. As well as Rodent Control for Mice, Rats, Gophers, and Voles. With the added protection and coverage for Mosquitoes and Ticks, Guardian provides guaranteed pest protection for you and your family for inside and the outside the exterior of your home for all covered target pests. Guardian provides the best service, the best service guarantee, and uses superior pest control products that are not only effective, but are people, pet and environmentally-friendly.


Four Seasons Quarterly Service


Year-Round Protection


Interior Service Guarantee


Unlimited Warranty

Starting at $80/Mo

*Initial Fee Applies, Limitations Apply

What Pests are Covered?

Household Ants
Carpenter Ants
Household Spiders
Black Widow Spiders
Hobo Spiders
Box Elder Bugs
Elm Seed Bugs
Yellow Jackets
Carpenter Bees
Yellow Jackets

Plus Pantry Pests
Carpet Beetles
German Roaches
American Roaches
Brown Banded Roaches
Oriental Roaches
Flour Beetles
Sawtooth Grain Beetles
Indian Meal Moth
Plus Rodent Control
Plus Mosquito & Tick Control

Step 1- Thorough Inspection
A certified mosquito specialist will perform a pre-treatment inspection of your property to identify areas where mosquitoes breed and live.

Step 2- Mosquito Treatment
Your mosquito specialist will perform a highly effective treatment to eliminate and control mosquitoes at every stage of the life cycle, from larva to adult. We will also eliminate breeding areas.

Step 3- Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Areas
We will stop mosquitoes dead in their tracks before they even begin by treating breeding areas using a biological Mosquito larvicide.

Step 4- Seal Pest Entry Points
Inspect and seal openings around utility line such as water, gas, cable and air
conditioning lines.

Step 5- Remove Assessible Spider Webs & Wasp Nests
Sweep clean any accessible spider webs and wasp nests.

Step 6- Treat Eves
Strategically treat eves for the control of wasps and other unwanted invaders.

Step 7- Granular Perimeter Treatment

Most homeowners have shrubs, bushes, flowers, mulch and sometimes bark around the perimeter of their homes, and because granular pest products penetrate these areas better than liquid, we apply a granular pest control product in these areas to enhance the effectiveness and provide superior pest protection.

Step 8- Treat Crack and Crevices
Treat threshold areas where pest harborage, including doors, lower widows, and other
gaps and crevices such as expansion joints etc.

Step 9- Superior Liquid Barrier Pest Treatment
Guardian uses two (2) active pest control products in our Liquid Barrier Treatment to ensure a superior pest clean-out and provide a firm protective barrier.

Step 10- Indoor Treatment & Service Guarantee
Once Guardian Pest Control has eradicated any existing pest infestations – We will keep your home pest-free by doing regular exterior treatments and maintaining a
protective barrier around the exterior of your home. By maintaining this Strong Effective Pest Barrier, we rarely need to treat the inside, unless a pest is spotted. However, if you ever need an inside treatment, just call and we will return and treat the inside at no additional cost to you.

Step 11- Unlimited Re-Service Warranty
If you ever need an additional service or have a pest issue in between your regularly
scheduled service, we will gladly provide additional service calls at no charge to you.

Mosquito & Tick Control

Treat throughout your yard where mosquitoes and ticks reside, paying special attention to shrubbery, bushes, trees, as well as areas that retain moisture. Your Mosquito and Tick Control service will be performed monthly during the peak season (April thru October). Your Mosquito and Tick control service will be performed each month during the peak season (two of which will be performed the same day as your regular Four Season Quarterly Service  is performed.

Utah Ticks

There are two common ticks found in Utah The Western Blacklegged Tick and the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick. The most common tick encountered in Utah is the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick. They spread both bacteria disease such as Lime Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. As well as viruses such as Colorado Tick Fever.

Utah Mosquitoes

There are over 50 different species of Mosquitoes found and identified in Utah. They are much more than just an annoyance – they can be dangerous to your family. Not all Utah mosquito species carry or spread diseases. The biggest concern in Utah is the West Nile Virus, but experts are also concerned and keeping a close eye on the Zika Virus.

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