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 We can customize a treatment program for you or do a One-Time Service for a specific pest problem. Whether you want a customized pest program, seasonal service plan or a one-time service to solve a specific pest issue – we can help.

We begin your exterior treatment by inspecting and looking for signs of activity, such as spider webs, wasp nests, trails etc. We not only treat but also sweep clean any accessible spider webs and wasps nests. Next, we treat your home using a backpack sprayer. The professional backpack sprayer allows us to get up close and personal… it allows us to get much closer and see and treat areas that are often overlooked or missed using a power sprayer only method. After treating the exterior threshold areas such as doors, windows, cracks, crevices and other harborage areas using a backpack sprayer, we then use a power sprayer to complete the cleanout and create a solid pest barrier around the perimeter of your home.

We also treat the inside of your home using a low pressure applicator. We treat the inside door threshold areas, strategically along baseboards, corners, cracks, crevices, and window areas in every room throughout your home, including unfinished basements.

Guardian uses high end products that are environmentally friendly and have an excellent safety rating. Professional pest control products vary greatly in price and effectiveness. Prices on professional grade products can range anywhere from $20 a quart to as high as $150 a quart. Rest assured that Guardian will always use the very best products. We also use a common sense approach to pest control and know that just because a product is natural or organic does not make it safer. We also know you want highly trained, skilled professionals… that you want the best value… not the lowest price.  That’s why we invest in the best products, the best technology and the best technicians and of course provide the best value.

One-Time / As Needed Service

Guardian Pest Control, your pest management solution is guaranteed! We offer a 30-Day Service Guarantee on all One-Time Clean-Out pest services. If your pest problem is not resolved within 30 days of our visit, we’ll return for a follow-up visit – FREE of charge! It’s that simple. 


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