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Do you see Ants? Trust us; there are more ants where those came from – If you need expert ant control in Utah, Look no further than Guardian Pest Control – The Utah ant control specialists.
Ants are social insects wired to build and expand their colony. Think of them as a mini-empire always on the march. Not exactly a problem until they decide to make your home their home.
Several types of ants may infest your home or business, including carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous ants, house ants, argentine ants, and pharaoh ants. Carpenter ants are one of Utah’s most common and destructive ants. They are attracted to wood and can cause structural damage to your property.
While most ants nest in the ground, some take up residence in the wall voids of your house. Carpenter ants—the wood-destroying variety who tunnel into your walls and sometimes grow to a mass of 50,000 ants—are notorious for this.
Ants in Utah home kitchen
ants in a house crawling on a floor

Why Do Ants Enter My Home?

Ants Are Attracted To Your Home Primarily For Food, But Also For Shelter and Protection.

Utah’s climate changes will often drive ants to seek food, water, and shelter inside residential homes and other buildings—the insects don’t discriminate.
Ants are known to carve out many linked and interspersed pathways while foraging for food and resources. Unfortunately, their pheromone trail allows a handful of vanguard ants to pave the way for an endless succession of followers.
At Guardian Pest Control, our QualityPro certified Utah ant control experts have assisted customers in getting rid of ant infestations for nearly two decades. Once a colony has invaded a property and established itself, the battle between ant and homeowner can wage on for years. Stop the ant invasion by calling Guardian Pest Control at 801-225-6000 today.

Why Not Treat Ants Myself?

Your Trusted, Top-Rated Utah Ant Control Specialists!

Our ant control specialists wouldn’t recommend it. Most do-it-yourself methods frequently make matters worse.
Keep in mind that most of the ants remain nested underground. You can spray all day, but in reality, the bulk of an ant army stays unexposed to your chemicals.
In a standard ant control treatment, the only ants that come into contact with the treatment are those vanguard foraging ants representing just a tiny fraction of their colony.
The larger population—what may be a massively larger population—simply goes untouched.
picture of destructive carpenter ants
picture of lady with dark hair spraying ants on her floor

Ant Intruders? You Don't Have To Share Your Home!

Why Over-the-Counter Sprays Simply Don't Work And Will Actually Make Your Ant Problem Worse!

Most over-the-counter sprays and repellent pest control products often make matters worse. It’s very similar to pouring water on a grease fire – it spreads and worsens a bad situation.
By targeting foraging ants with a repellent, you inadvertently create a phenomenon called “budding,” which causes them to separate from the colony and—you guessed it—start a new ant colony of their own. You’ve effectively created a new concentration of ants spreading across a different area in your home.

Prompt, Reliable, Certified Ant Control Specialist in Utah

How to Win the Battle with Ants - No Matter How Big the Ant Infestation Is

The best and most effective way to eliminate ants and keep them from coming back is to target them where they live. Instead of using repellents or contact-kill chemicals,
Guardian Pest Control uses specially formulated non-repellent agents that foraging ants will never detect. They don’t know it’s there, so they can’t react to it or avoid it.
When the foraging ants contact these agents, they’ll track it back to the colony and transfer it among the entire population. Our treatment is a meticulously created, slow-acting formula designed to spread across the entire underground network and obliterate the colony.
Picture of ants climbing on french fries
Thousands of pavement ants

How Long Does it Take to Completely Eliminate Ants?

You’ll notice a dramatic difference within days and complete control within 7 to 10 days.
Guardian’s advanced ant control products and methods are the most potent and effective way to control and exterminate a hidden hoard of impossible-to-reach ants.
Don’t wait until tomorrow. If you need ant control in Utah, Call Guardian Pest Control today at 801-225-6000 and experience pest-fee living.

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