Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Protection for Your Business 365 Days a Year

At Guardian, we believe the best treatment is prevention. Your business is no place for pests. Even a small pest infestation can have serious and big consequences for your business and its reputation. Not only that, but your customers, guests, and patrons will have a less than enjoyable experience.
Protect your business and your reputation by preventing pest infestations instead of reacting to them. It doesn’t matter if your business is dealing with spiders, roaches, ants, rodents, flies, or any other pest. Guardian Pest Control provides expert commercial pest control in Utah and we will do whatever it takes to help keep insects and critters out.
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Protecting Your Reputation Is Vital to the Success of Your Business

All too often, customers, visitors, and others are quick on the draw, and often a little too eager to post a negative review on social media about their bad experience with your business.

Being pro-active is absolutely essential when it comes to pest management. It’s much better for your business and your reputation to prevent a pest infestation than it is to react to one. Don’t wait until you have a serious pest problem; call today and arrange for a free, no-obligation pest evaluation and estimate

Pest Removal Services Tailored to Fit Your Specific Needs

Our team of pest control professionals have years of experience working with all types of businesses, and we know that quality pest control isn’t a simple ‘one size fits all’ solution. No matter what type of commercial space or business you’re running, we’re ready to help clear it of any pests creating a nuisance to your business.
Our skilled team uses green, organic, and science-backed pest control products to handle:
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Specific Industry Pest Solutions with Effective, Reliable Results

You shouldn’t need to worry about rodents, spiders, ants, or any other unwanted and undesirable pests ruining your customers’ experience or damaging your brand. We have pest solutions for businesses of all sizes and will customize a pest management plan that is right for your business.
Your business needs to protect its reputation. You need an expert pest control exterminator and Guardian Pest Control can provide the best pest control plans for your business.

Commercial Pest Control Expertise You Can Count On

Guardian Pest Control is QualityPro and GreenPro Certified. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the U.S. are awarded these prestigious certifications. The QualityPro designation is given to pest control companies who go above and beyond and adhere to the highest standards in professionalism and results in the pest control industry.

Our highly trained commercial pest management specialists will provide the best care so that your customers, guests, patrons, and employees will have a comfortable and safe environment to work and visit.

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Why Guardian Pest Control Is The Right Choice

Superior Control

At Guardian, we use the most advanced products and treatment procedures available. The best nature and science have to offer for unbeatable control.

Highly Qualified

Certified, experienced professionals - Guardian is QualityPro, and GreenPro certified. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the U.S. receive the prestigious QualityPro Certification.

Year-Round Protection

Effective pest control is a process, not a one-time event. Guardian's ongoing inspection and control system provide unmatched protection 365 days a year.

19+ Years Experience

Locally owned and operated company. Providing top-notch service in Utah for almost two decades.

Free Estimates

No obligation quote, and absolutely no pressure. Affordable, straightforward pricing. Not the cheapest, just simply the best value for the price.

Rapid Response

Because when something is bugging you - we know that you want your pest problem solved as quickly as possible.

Special Offers

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