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Have you been dealing with pesky box elder bugs? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, these annoying pests are a common problem for homeowners and commercial properties in Utah. But don’t worry – we can help you get rid of them!
Our team will inspect your home and property, determine if there are any existing areas where box elder bugs can hide, and identify potential entry points. From there, we’ll work with you to decide on the best approach for getting rid of the infestation.
Keep box elder bugs from taking over your home or business! With our team of experienced technicians, we can help you eliminate box elder bugs and other pests. Contact us today to learn more about how Guardian Pest Control can help you get rid of box elder bugs.
At Guardian Pest Control, our experienced technicians will work with you to develop a personalized customer service plan tailored to your needs. We’ll help you identify the source of the infestation and create a plan for effective box elder bug control. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Are Box Elder Bugs Plaguing You? Guardian Pest Control Can Help

Guardian Has Years of Experience and will Provide You Top-Notch Box Elder Bug Eradication Services.

Let Guardian Pest Control take the stress out of box elder bug infestations. Our team has years of experience and can provide you with top-notch eradication services
Box elder bugs are a nuisance in many homes and outdoor spaces. They’re hard to prevent and even harder to get rid of once they’ve settled in. Box elder bugs can be annoying, but you can get rid of them with a few simple steps and the right service and treatment plan.
Guardian Pest Control is Utah’s foremost box elder bug specialist. We know their life cycles in Utah, can help you determine the best course of action, and are available to assist you.
Hiring a qualified and experienced specialist familiar with Utah’s box elder bugs and their life cycle is essential. They should be able to provide personalized advice and help determine the best way to manage the infestation.

Box Elder Bug Intruders? You Don't Have To Share Your Home!

Your Trusted, Top-Rated Utah Box Elder Bug Control Specialists Can Help You!

Guardian Pest Control are box elder bug specialists who can help you solve your problem. Our trained professionals are experts in getting rid of box elder bugs and other common pests so your home or business remains safe and healthy.
Guardian has customized service plans to help manage box elder box problems and other pests plaguing you. From prevention to eradication, our team of experts can help you get rid of these pesky bugs quickly and efficiently.
Please get in touch with us today at 801-225-6000 if you have any questions or concerns about dealing with box elder bugs. Guardian Pest Control can provide personalized treatment and service plans to help manage box elder bug problems.
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Tips to Reducing Box Elder Bugs

Temperature changes can affect where box elder bugs congregate and how active they are. Pay attention to cold snaps or heat waves, as this could mean more of an infestation. Take preventive measures during these times by sealing off potential entry points and keeping your home clean so you don’t end up with even more pests than you started with.
Prevention is critical, so seal any cracks or entry points in your home and keep your living space clean and clutter-free. Getting rid of box elder bugs is a process requiring consistent effort to maintain. Here are a few tips to help keep your home free from these pesky pests:
1. The best way to get rid of box elder bugs is to take preventive measures before they even arrive. First, inspect your home for any entry points or cracks in the foundation. Seal off these areas with caulk or putty to keep the bugs out.
2. Certain plants, such as lavender, spearmint, and eucalyptus, naturally repel box elder bugs and other pests. Consider planting these in your garden to keep the bugs away from your home.
Another way to deter box elder bugs is by keeping the area around your home free of debris or clutter. Box elder bugs hide in piles of leaves and sticks, so get rid of any excess plant material near your house; this will help discourage them from coming in and make it easier for you to spot any that may still try to enter.
Remember, prevention is always the best way to keep box elder bugs away. Regular inspection of entry points and sealing them off entry points immediately can help reduce the risk of infestation.
By taking preventative measures and choosing the right pest control company, you can keep box elder bugs in check. If you need relief from box elder bugs, contact Guardian Pest Control today. We can get rid of box elder bugs quickly and efficiently.
If you are overwhelmed by box elder bugs, we can help you. We have the expertise and the best control products to get rid of box elder bugs and other pesky pests quickly and efficiently. Guardian Pest Control can also advise you on preventing future pest infestations to keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 801-225-6000.

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