Yes. No one in the industry offers a better guarantee than Guardian. See Our 10-Star Guarantee.
Many new challenges arise during the cooler months, including rodents and pests. Pests are similar to humans in that they prefer warm, dry locations during Utah’s cold winter months. During the fall months, as the days and evenings begin to cool, a wide variety of insects and other arthropods seek warmth and shelter. This behavior is known as over-wintering. These over-wintering insects and arthropods enter homes and commercial structures through cracks and crevices, and do so to survive Utah’s harsh winters. These unwelcome guests become active when the temperatures outside reach 60 degrees or when the inside of the walls are heated by solar radiation on sunny days (even when the temperatures outside are below 40 degrees). We have developed programs, treatment techniques and procedures specifically designed for the winter months… designed to eradicate over-wintering pests.
No. We offer One-Time treatments. However, Guardian has found that the best way to provide you with a pest-free environment is to provide regular service treatments. Each season presents unique challenges when it comes to insects and pests. Spring brings out the worst in crawling insects such as ants. Summer rain and heat create a breeding ground for millipedes, centipedes and earwigs. And the cooler months of fall and winter drive rodents and other insects indoors.
No. Guardian provides the best pest control service available, and our goal is to provide you with a pest-free environment. However, pests can enter your house in grocery bags, on pets, or through the air. In addition, pests are usually area/neighborhood problems; so even though we are treating your home, pests from surrounding areas can walk, crawl or fly onto your property and attempt to enter your home. In fact, when we first treat your home, insects will be flushed out of their hiding places and you may see more pests than usual immediately after the initial treatment. We ask that you allow at least 2 weeks for the treatment to take effect.
No, Guardian’s proactive approach puts the emphasis on the outside of your home. It also keeps the majority of pest control products outside. Our service consists of regularly timed exterior treatments (with the inside treated as needed) and one HomeGuard™ service (which includes a thorough inside treatment). Guardian’s HomeGuard™ service is designed to ensure that any unwanted intruders that may have found their way into your home during the cold weather months will not become permanent guests. Most people prefer this approach since 99% of pest infestations begin on the outside and and can be controlled from the outside. Therefore, regular quality exterior treatments and one HomeGuard™ service each year is usually sufficient. However, should you ever need additional interior treatments, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to include that service at no additional cost to you.
Depending on the pest materials used, it’s very common to see an increase in pest activity following service. Some pest materials are designed to attract pests so when they return to their nests, they transfers it to others within the colony. The increase in activity will subside over time as more pests die from feeding on baits and/or what is called the transfer effect.
It generally takes about 10 days for most services to be fully effective. We recommend giving the materials 10 days to work before calling to request an additional service. Certainly, if you have concerns or are in doubt, please call us.
We will provide you with a free re-treatment as soon as possible. We take customer service and satisfaction very seriously and will usually retreat any problem areas within 2 business days.
Exterior power spraying is effective in warmer months when insects are active outdoors. During the colder months, outdoor insect activity lessens, so your Technician will focus on the areas most prone for pest activity. We also inspect and seal gaps and openings around utility lines during your HomeGuard service.
The best method for treating for rodents is exclusion. Mice can fit into a hole the size of a nichol and rats can fit into a hole the size of a quarter. Caulking, copper mesh, and expanding form are great for sealing holes and cracks that mice and rats use to enter. We commonly use snap traps, glue boards, and rodent baiting stations. The good news is that if you enroll in our Total Home Protection Plan prior to having a rodent problem, there is no additional charge for this service.
We always appreciate referrals and will reward you with a special gift.
If you don’t keep up on your pest service, it doesn’t work. Getting rid of pests is very similar to weeding a garden… without a regular pest maintenance, unwanted pests will keep returning.
Pest control is a science. Knowledge of pests, their behavior and habits is essential in solving pest problems. Guardian professionals are licensed and extensively trained and certified in these and other areas to correctly identify unwanted pests, and treat for them.
No, not if label instructions are followed correctly. All pesticides are carefully tested before it can be registered wtih the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and before they can be sold. Part of this testing includes determining possible effects on non-target animals and organisms. Pesticides which pose an unacceptable risk to non-target animals or organisms cannot be registered. Of course, you should follow the same procedures after a treatment for cats and dogs as is recommended for humans. Wait until the treated area is dry before walking on or touching the treated areas.
The pesticide industry is very highly regulated. Before a product is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, it must be rigorously tested for potential human health and environmental effects, including effects on non-targent animals and organisims. This process can take up to 10 years and involve up to 120 different tests and studies. Today, manufacturers can invest as much as $50 million in product testing before a new pesticide ever comes to the market. These tests are not only required, they are designed and reviewed by EPA scientists and must be conducted according to EPA standards.

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