Mosquito Control & Treatment in Utah

The Most Dangerous Animal in the World Is a Mosquito

What may sound like hyperbole is statistically true. Believe it or not, in terms of worldwide death toll, mosquitoes comprise the absolute deadliest animal on earth.
Mosquitoes kill well over 725,000 people every year and cause a casual 200 million to become seriously ill from their bites. At this point, they are creatures that are veritably synonymous with the word “pest.”
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Call the Mosquito Control Experts

Whether you see them as a vampiric transport for a life-threatening disease or virus, or simply a minor annoyance that happens to be bleeding both your arm and your wallet, don’t give them free reign among your home and family.
Instead, call Guardian Pest Control at 801-225-6000. Our Utah mosquito control specialists have over 15 years of experience eradicating these dangerous pests from your property and preventing their return.

What You Can Do About Mosquitoes

On one hand, it’s impossible to guarantee that mosquitoes won’t maneuver their way to your property from an outside location. However, you can take effective steps to prevent them from living and breeding in your yard.

Steps to Eliminating Mosquitoes

The main way to do this is by removing any standing water from bird baths, puddles, feeders, pet dishes, and the like.
Next, the quickest and easiest way to take the worry out of mosquitoes in the yard is by picking up the phone and calling Guardian Pest Control. After years of eliminating mosquitoes, we’re prepared to take on your unique circumstance and thin down your mosquito concentration if not rid them entirely.
We can come to your home and implement a defense plan that will significantly reduce your contact with these irritants. As part of our Home Defense Premium service plan, we take care of all general pests, pantry pests, and, yes – even mosquitoes! We also offer mosquito treatments for one-time events, but generally recommend a service plan for on-going control.
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Our Mosquito Control Process

Our Utah mosquito control technicians first give your property a comprehensive inspection, searching for all signs of the pests in order to formulate a custom plan for keeping them away. To pinpoint the most effective treatment method, we consider all stages of the mosquito life cycle, from larva to adult.
Once we have completed the inspection, we will treat the property and eliminate any nesting and breeding areas that we identify. We will even attempt stop mosquitoes before they mature by using a biological mosquito larvicide.

Why Guardian Pest Control Is The Right Choice

Superior Control

At Guardian, we use the most advanced products and treatment procedures available. The best nature and science have to offer for unbeatable control.

Highly Qualified

Certified, experienced professionals - Guardian is QualityPro, and GreenPro certified. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the U.S. receive the prestigious QualityPro Certification.

Year-Round Protection

Effective pest control is a process, not a one-time event. Guardian's ongoing inspection and control system provide unmatched protection 365 days a year.

19+ Years Experience

Locally owned and operated company. Providing top-notch service in Utah for almost two decades.

Free Estimates

No obligation quote, and absolutely no pressure. Affordable, straightforward pricing. Not the cheapest, just simply the best value for the price.

Rapid Response

Because when something is bugging you - we know that you want your pest problem solved as quickly as possible.

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