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Keep Rats Off Your Property, and Out of Your Home

Seeing rats running around on your property, and especially seeing one face to face inside your home is likely every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only do you have to figure out how to eliminate the rat infestation, you now need to know how it got inside your home in the first place.
At Guardian Pest Control, we can help you with both issues. With nearly two decades of local experience eradicating rats, we’ve refined our skills and become a trusted Utah rat control company. Our technician can help remove any rats in your home, and help you block entrances to ensure a long-term solution.
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What to Look Out For

Outside of actually seeing rats on your property, or even worse, inside your home – most homeowners will only notice traces of their presence. However, rats are a common issue for homeowners in many areas throughout the Wasatch Front here in Utah.

Knowing how to identify a rat issue is key. Common signs include:
It’s also important to pay attention to your pets. More often than not, dogs and cats will both react to a rat behind a wall or in an attic – which can alert you even if you don’t see any of the signs above.

How Rats Negatively Impact Your Home Environment

The biggest concern of a rat infestation in your home is how quickly it can progress and get completely out of control. Rats breed rapidly, so what may have started as one rat – can turn into many in the blink of an eye.
Not only is it an unsightly issue, but it can also lead to other problems, including:
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Rat Control Experts You Can Count On

Although some homeowners resort to using rat poison inside their home, it’s seldom, if ever the best option. Not only does it pose a risk for pets and your family if they accidentally ingest these pellets, but if a rat dies in a hard-to-reach area within your home, like your attic or in a wall void, you could soon be dealing with an odor issue too. Instead, let our Utah rat removal experts help you.

Guardian’s Rat control methods are detailed and extensive, and we always take the time to identify the source of the rats and ensure they’re removed completely. Our skilled technicians are highly trained and qualified. Guardian is QualityPro Certified, which means you are hiring the best of the best to help you solve your rat problem.

Rat Protection For You and Your Family

Guardian’s Home Defense Plus Protection Plan will help protect you, your family, and your home from rats and many other pest intruders. You can enjoy guaranteed year-round protection for a host of unwanted pests, including protection form these disease ridden furry rodents.

As part of the on-going service with Guardian’s Home Defense Plus protection plan, we’ll monitor and eliminate rats on your property, before they enter your home.
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Why Guardian Pest Control Is The Right Choice

Superior Control

At Guardian, we use the most advanced products and treatment procedures available. The best nature and science have to offer for unbeatable control.

Highly Qualified

Certified, experienced professionals - Guardian is QualityPro, and GreenPro certified. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the U.S. receive the prestigious QualityPro Certification.

Year-Round Protection

Effective pest control is a process, not a one-time event. Guardian's ongoing inspection and control system provide unmatched protection 365 days a year.

19+ Years Experience

Locally owned and operated company. Providing top-notch service in Utah for almost two decades.

Free Estimates

No obligation quote, and absolutely no pressure. Affordable, straightforward pricing. Not the cheapest, just simply the best value for the price.

Rapid Response

Because when something is bugging you - we know that you want your pest problem solved as quickly as possible.

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