How to Stay Mosquito-Free This Summer

Summer has officially arrived and we all know what that means: ‘tis the season for mosquitoes! Warmer weather calls for spending more time outside with friends and family and we can all agree there’s nothing like those summer nights spent in the backyard around a fire pit. But when the mosquitoes come out to play, the party is most definitely over. Not only are mosquitoes irritating, they can also be quite dangerous.

So, instead of letting mosquitoes take over your backyard and your home this season, we’ve decided to share some tips with you to enjoy a mosquito-free summer. Keep reading to find out!

Get Rid of Standing Water

Did you know that one mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs in water and that’s where the eggs will hatch? If you have buckets filled with water in your backyard, drain them. Gutters and ditches filled with water will also attract mosquitoes, so try and make sure you’re checking your backyard often to eliminate any stagnant water.

Pro tip: Drain your bird bath every five days or so and scrub it down. This will get rid of any mosquito eggs that you won’t be able to see. You should plan to repeat this method on any pet bowls that are left outside as well.


We’ve all heard of bug repellent and they even have a backyard collection specifically for keeping the mosquitoes away. Off! Bug Control I is a backyard mosquito repellent that can be sprayed along the perimeter of your yard and gardens and lasts up to 4 weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that while store-bought repellents can be helpful, major mosquito infestations may require professional services.

Set Traps

Traps like the Mosquito Magnet can come quite in handy because they trick the mosquitoes into thinking they are flying into humans by giving off the smell that attracts the annoying pests to us. It’s best to place your traps in a shady area because mosquitoes like to be in places that are cool and dark. You might have to relocate the traps a few times to find the best placement to trap the pests, but once you find the right location, the mosquito population in your backyard should be under control soon enough.

Citronella Candles

While these might not be the strongest repellents, citronella candles definitely help while also adding some nice decor to your backyard. Oiled tiki torches are also a great option. Simply place them around your yard and those annoying mosquitoes should keep their distance.

Check for Gaps

There’s nothing worse than hearing the buzzing sound of a mosquito while you’re laying in bed at night or seeing one flying around your house that you can’t trap. If you’re putting in all of this work outside to keep the mosquitoes away, you don’t want them flying into your house either. Check your doors and windows for any gaps or cracks in the screens. These gaps will invite the mosquitoes right inside your home, so be sure to seal the cracks.

Know When to Call the Pros

After trying these methods, the next best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call our team at Guardian Pest Control. We will come out to your property and perform a thorough inspection to identify exactly where the pests are coming from and offer a solution to keep them away. We will then treat your property and get rid of any nesting and breeding areas. By choosing our treatment plan, you can improve your yard and save tons of money on mosquito repellant.

Mosquito Control in Utah

For a safer backyard for you and your family this summer, Contact us today Guardian Pest Control by calling 801-225-6000 to arrange for mosquito control. We don’t want you sacrificing those fun summer nights outside with friends because of these pests!

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